New Miasma Theory Chapter 2
3HD festival x AQNB, London, September 2020

In collaboration with Sanja Grozdanic.

A series of 4 socially distanced and guided outdoor sonic walks culminating in a performance.

video documentation by Dominik Rosinski

audio recording of the sound walk

Let's consider our own motives; preferences; desires; boundaries; entanglements that are now mutual. Our interdependence is whole. What shall we do about this dilemma?

The body breaths without our consent & the body feels without our consent either.


The great cities were falling, and so began the resurrection theories. With suffering the sole horizon, the empire said: the dead will rise again. Though they will live on their own planets. The planets will be our gardens. Each era will have its own. Whole dynasties. Immortality and resurrection for all.

Was this a comfort to the people? Did it soothe their longing? Did it replace hunger? (No, there remained a greater appetite) Perhaps the rich delighted in visions of their ancestors walking the streets again, the same streets as before, but wider now, cleaner. But the rest wondered, who would build the streets? 

Impossibility is the door of the supernatural, a later mystic noted, and we must desire the impossible.But our impossible is not their impossible.

Everything was forever until it was no more.


This is not a story, this is a sequence. Within this sequence, we witness subjective time and real time; how and when they lose touch. And maybe our desire to be loved a little. The sequence is about the distance between what you know already and what you encounter on the way. History as seen from above and as seen from below produce entirely different perspectives.