New Miasma Theory, Chapter 3- Replica by Ewa Poniatowska and Sanna Helena Berger
Performed by Ewa Poniatowska and Gloria Regotz
Curated by Jorge Van Den Eynde
January 2022, Nadie Nunca Nada No, Madrid

Replica was initally conceived as the third and final chapter of New Miasma Theory series by Ewa Poniatowska. Departing from a conception of sound as the residue of miasma, New Miasma Theory has consisted of different explorations of ways in which body and sound entangle each other.

The third chapter, Replica is a collaboration with artist Sanna Helena Berger. Berger and Poniatowska mix scent with sound and movement in a performance which develops through the space in 9 scenes. The installation consists of scattered matter which the performers activate throughout the performance. Each scene choreographed or directed by one or both of the artists. Sounds stop and start, and smell intensifies alongside it. Scents which linger in the space melange with the myriad of perfumes which are poured into the escalating mixture. The scenes build alongside it. The unfolding dramaturgy shows the two protagonists merge, meld, brawl and wrestle with the persona(s) which oscillate from caress and care to chaotic clashes

and fuse into a larger body. The performance ends with a finale from which the audience leaves with a vial of mixed miasma. The live production of an entirely exclusive scented artifact - Replica.