Ewa Poniatowska (ewa awe/NNT) is an artist, muscian and sound-designer born in Lublin, Poland. She lives and works in London. She is also a part of a band RAT SECTION. Ewa works as a sound designer scoring videos and performances and is represented by Art Faces in Poland.


    2018-2020       MA Royal College of Art, London (UK)
    2014-2017       BA University for Creative Arts (UK)


    2019-2020          HQI, London (UK)


    2022                   Glass Hand in Hand, Musik Instalationen Nüremberg Germany 
                               Hello, Gallerina London
                               New Miasma Theory, Chapter 3- Replica, NNNN Madrid

    2021                   Casting the Runes, London
                               City’s, Sweetwater, Berlin

    2020                   Hyperobjectivity, 3HD x AQNB sonic walk + performance, London
                               RCA Graduation show [online]
                               Scrolling the System, Zachęta (PL)  [online]
                               WORK-IN-PROGRESS, RCA London (UK)
                               New Genres, HQI London, (UK)
                               Elysium- a wonderful evening, HQI London (UK)
    2019                   4fucksakebabes, Goswell Road, Paris (FR)

                               Summer, Elephant West, London (UK)
                               Hydrangea, Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand (TH)
                               Typographic Singularity, Hockney Gallery London (UK)
                               Moonscapes, Crypt Gallery London (UK)


25/11/22 Rat Section at Ormside Projects (LIVE)

29/10/22 Rat Section at Trauma Bar, Berlin (LIVE)

23/09/22 Ewa Awe (LIVE) FGO Barbara, Paris

16/7/22 ICA, London

25/6/22 Rat Section, Pedro Youth Club (LIVE)

24/2/22 Ewa Awe LIVE in Soho House, London

31/12/21 NYE at Ormside Projects, London

11/12/21 Rat Section at The White Hotel, Manchester (LIVE)

28/11/21 Iklectik Lab, London (LIVE)

27/11/21 Unvale, Electrowerkz (LIVE)

5/11/21 MCPusher, The Glove That Fits, London

24/8/21 Cafe Oto wih Kyyberwall (LIVE)

2/05/21- LOOSE TRAX M.O.T. (LIVE)

6/03/20 NRG vol. 3, London

22/02/20 Beursschouwburg, Brussels

16/02/20 Elysium- a wonderful evening, HQI

01/12/20 AntiFacistLegendaryLabourFundraiser, Ormside Projects

23/11/19 Eleve, Sameheads Berlin

16/11/19 Club Mutante, SET London

09/11/19 Nrg vol. 2 HQI London

03/10/19 Native Instincs, Maxilla London

27/09/19 Tate Lates, Tate Modern London

10/08/19 SECTOR 7G, M.O.T.

27/7/19 Elenoire, Poster, London

29/06/19 RCA afterparty, Lightbox

15/06/19 Bunker, DEMO afterparty

25/05/19 Merg, miranda london b2b w aircode

23/05/19 Event Horizon, Portal, Porto

7/03/19  Powerplant album release

10/02/19 The Pour Up SE1EP1 - Behind this wall

13/12/18 The Cause

24/11/18 YAWS EP, Alien Jams - Grow Tottenham

07/09/18 5 Miles, London

17/08/18 Scorpionoidea - Corsica Studios

1/07/18 Ormside Projects w/ Raw Unkut, Jlte & Mellowdramatics

19/5/18 NRG vol 1 - Ormside Projects, London

11/5/18 HAUT Opening - haut off_space London

22/04/18 Jaskinia Pamieci, Baluckiego Gallery Cracow